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How The Grinch Stole Christmas isn’t just a movie starring a green grump who plans on ruining the holiday for all of Whoville. There are some real-life Grinches out here who couldn’t care any less about how your Christmas 2018 goes. Take this L.A. man who was supposed to be delivering packages for the holidays but was out there stealing instead, for example.

The New York Post reports, “A man who appears to be a UPS worker has been caught on camera stealing a package that he was supposed to deliver to a customer. On Wednesday, a YouTube user named Steve S uploaded a video from his security camera exposing the perp. ‘Los Angeles UPS Driver Helper stole a package that he was delivering to my neighbor,’ he captioned. ‘He clearly did not notice the building security camera.’”

The clip, posted above, shows the UPS employee going through the homeowner’s gate, opening the package on the person’s doorstep, and taking what the Youtuber presumes to be a Playstation controller. He stuffs it in his sweater and then walks away. Of course it didn’t take long for people to shame him and his thieving behind. The video has over 500,000 views on Youtube already and Reddit users are having a field day in the comment section:

“I’m an actual UPS driver, this person is not a driver. He’s a seasonal driver helper( a person who rides along with a driver to help deliver) We just fired a helper in our center today who stole cash from the driver he was helping. Also fired a helper who showed up to work tweaked out on some substance. Although they hired whomever just to get packages delivered as on-time as they can, UPS doesn’t tolerate this kind of behavior and if these idiots would stop and think for just a second, they’d realize that every package is scanned everytime it changes hands. When something goes missing UPS knows the last person to handle it.” – @McSnoodleton

“He can just say he knocked at the door but no one replied therefore dropping the package in front of the door and some strangers probably stole it. If the customer wasn’t recording I don’t see what would prevent him from robbing it.” – @Hynauts

“i expect someone to post a link that says he was caught.” – @phatee

“DAMN. This dude is dumb as shit.” – @room-to-breathe

“It’s a seasonal helper. They ride along in front with the driver and help out. Pretty simple to figure out who the helper is though.” – @PancakesOnWaffles

Check out this other video of a man doing the most to steal somebody’s flat screen TV just before the holidays. What’s gotten into people?


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