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Kelson in the Afternoon

“Once upon a time not long ago, [she] was a hoe,” but don’t hold that against Mariah Lynn. The Love & Hiphop: NY star uses her past to empower herself and others, and doesn’t mind sharing bold statements in her music or in regular conversation. She proves that in her “Once Upon a Time” single where the aforementioned quote was pulled from.

Mariah Lynn’s more interested in sharing real life, she said in an exclusive #KelsUncut session with Kelson in the Afternoon.

In a few other bold statements, she and her team revealed how a big music exec said she’d never be successful because she’s a “white girl” that uses the “N” word, and why she feels the entertainment industry is trying to shut her out.

“All the major outlets are talking about me, but not to me,” she said. And here’s why, as told by Mariah:


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