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Cyn Santana is creating unnecessary stress for herself by worrying about her exes. She talks a good game about her newfound freedom and her plans to move forward but on tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop New York, she was pressed about Erica Mena trying to hook Joe Budden back up with Tahiry. It’s a wack thing to do on Erica’s part, but something that Cyn shouldn’t stress. 

Let’s delve into their history. Cyn and Joe Budden broke up last year and they have a toddler son. Joe and Tahiry broke up a few years ago, but have a long history of an off and on relationship. Joe and Tahiry are legendary because Joe had been posting their relationship antics on YouTube for years, even before Love and Hip-Hop was a thing. But then, they stepped it up from the internet and joined Love and Hip-Hop in the beginning. Their rocky love affair ended with Tahiry turning down Joe’s marriage proposal. They both seemingly moved on, but a lot of people held on to hope that they would get back together, and some people swore that Joe was still in love with Tahiry. He may have been, it’s not like Cyn and Tahiry aren’t similar in a lot of ways. So, Cyn’s insecurity makes sense but it’s not helpful.

Cyn ended up on the show because she dated Erica Mena.  Erica was Cyn’s first relationship with a woman. It didn’t end well between them. Not long after that fall out, Cyn and Joe revealed that they were a couple and their relationship continued to unfold on LHHNY. That’s where we saw them have a baby, then get engaged then break up. 

Fast forward to this season. Tahiry and Erica are both back on the show, after respectively taking breaks, and they’re obviously plants intended to stir up some drama. We are only a few episodes in and they have been good at disturbing Cyn’s peace. 

Basically, Cyn got word that Joe and Tahiry had been back in communication recently, and even went shopping for ‘fits for Erica’s wedding. She also learned that Erica was trying to get Cyn and Tahiry back together again. Instead of leaving it alone, she just had to investigate. How many people don’t leave well enough alone when it comes to their exes only to get their hearts broken again? Anyway… 

Joe told her that she’s making this more than what it is, but he’s an expert level gas lighter so it’s understandable that his word wasn’t settling. In Cyn’s mind, it’s messy that her ex was trying to hook her other ex back up with his ex. That is true, but if Cyn was truly over it, or really had plans to genuinely let go, she would have let it roll off her back. Instead, she confronted Erica about it and got nowhere but more upset. In the end, Erica didn’t care about her feelings. Erica sat nonchalantly and gas lighted, who is obviously sensitive. But just when things seemed to get really low, Cyn got up and walked away.

And that’s the energy we can all learn from!


Keep it cute, and do not let anyone disturb your peace, especially when it’s an ex. Hopefully that’s a lesson that sinks in for Cyn. Keep Erica in the past, and co-parent with Joe but don’t discuss anything more than necessary. We’re about sanity in 2020.


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