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Amara La Negra

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We Love and Hip-Hop Miami watchers now that Amara La Negra is extremely close to her mother. She has made it clear that she and her mom are all they got and as a result they lean on each other, which is fine. Amara La Negra also mentioned a couple of seasons ago that  she was going to take care of her mom as soon as her money got right. Eventually, she became a series favorite, started getting work and made good on that promise. She bought a house for herself and her mom, but then she met a man and moved him in only a few months after falling in love.


On tonight’s episode, that man (his name is Emjay and he is Shay Johnson’s brother) had the nerve to pull up to the kitchen in the morning with nothing on but just a towel while Amara La Negra and her mom were both there.

Sis, whet?


That might have been cute if it was just Amara living in the home but that’s not the case so, ew. Amara’s mother rightfully went off on him and told him to stop disrespecting her. He didn’t seem to feel like it was a big deal but Amara wasn’t happy either. Mama La Negra pointed out that his towel could have easily fallen, which would have been even more awkward and again, it’s generally just inappropriate.

Mama La Negra was right to go off on him. But this brings up an interesting discussion. Amara La Negra is obviously grown, and the house she shares with her mom is probably in her name since she bought it. However, that’s still her mom, so should she have exercised the same decorum that you would typically follow in your parents’ house when you get into a relationship? Because again, even though Mama La Negra didn’t buy the house, it’s still her house too. Imagine trying to get it in with your mom under the same roof and then that person having the nerve to walk around dang near naked. It’s not like it doesn’t happen but it’s still awkward. Mama La Negra is better than most moms because a lot of moms would have instated the no shacking up rule whether they paid for the house or not. Amara gotta get her own space with her man. Leave mama in that house and work toward getting one next door.

And aside from that, moving your significant other in so quickly knowing you have a roommate is not a good look and seems like a recipe for disaster.


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