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Azriel Clary, R. Kelly’s longtime girlfriend and alleged hostage, is talking. She recently moved out of the embroiled R&B singer’s Chicago condo, and reunited with her family, and now she’s talking—and the tea is being spilled.

In an interview with the U.S. Sun, Clary speculates that R. Kelly has hundreds of victims. It would seem R’uh would get women on tape, and use it as evidence against them—read: blackmail.

“I think that there’s hundreds of victims out there. Robert has his live-in girlfriends; he has girlfriends in every city,” said Clary. “He has flings in every city. There’s usually three main cities in every state. So, three times 50 —that lets you know how many women are probably out there and that’s probably not even hitting it on the nail.”

She added, “For the most part, he blackmails everyone. He makes everyone do very degrading stuff, whether on film or writing it down, he makes them sign it. And I think a lot of women are ashamed or embarrassed to come out because of stuff like that because it’ll be incriminating them —there’s so much stuff.”

The behavior Clary continued to describe was disturbing and in line with what he’s been jailed for since last year.

She continued, “And I think a lot of women are ashamed or embarrassed to come out because of stuff like that because it’ll be incriminating them – there’s so much stuff. He has letters of people saying that they’ve stolen from him. He has letters from people saying that they’ve been molested or touched by their parents or their brothers or a family member. He even has people on film molesting their younger nieces or younger brothers. And so I know a lot of women out there are too embarrassed, humiliated, and ashamed to come out because this man had that much power to control them, to make them molest their younger niece or to molest their younger brother.”

Interestingly, Clary infamously threatened her co-girlfriend Joycelyn Savage by saying she would tell the authorities they slept with each other, and R. Kelly, while she was still underage.

R. Kelly’s lawyer has continued to deny all the allegations against his client. She reportedly wants to tell her stories to the Feds, but fears repercussions.



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