Celeb: Nicole Simpson (ex-wife of OJ Simpson)

Cause Of Death: Murder

The 1994 murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and friend Ronald Goldman are still known as one of the most suspicious acts of murder in the history of Hollywood. Nicole was found brutally murdered in her Los Angeles home along with Goldman. The LAPD later attempted to arrest Nicole’s husband OJ Simpson, who then led them on a high speed chase down LA’s interstate 405. Police finally caught up with OJ and arrested the former NFL star, but during trial, he was acquitted of all charges to the dismay of those who loved Nicole. Adding salt to the wound, OJ Simpson published a book entitled If I Did It in 2007. However, in 2012, a documentary titled My Brother The Serial Killer included allegations that serial killer Glen Edward Rogers murdered Nicole and Goldman. Yet, no one knows who exactly committed the gruesome crimes.

SOURCE: History.com 

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