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Lil Nas X and Wingstop Team Up For Old Town Road Premiere Party

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It’s no secret that the Country Music community consists mostly of white talent and white consumers–which is why there was such a huge uproar when Lil Nas X entered the scene.

He trolled the entire community by making a parody of a country music song that not only made it onto a plethora of different radio stations, but got some help from an actual legend in the community, Billy Ray Cyrus. “Old Town Road” went from being shunned by Billboard to spending 7 weeks at the top of the charts and Country music fans couldn’t be more pissed off.

It seems like spreading the love of a Country song would be good for the community, like something they should welcome and embrace…no? So why, then, are Country music heads shaking in their boots over Lil Nas X and his extrememly successful foray into the genre?

Well, because he’s Black. And that’s literally it.

We all already know about the anger behind “Old Town Road” making it big, but now, bigots have even more reason to be mad with the artist’s newest collaboration–and this one might hit even harder than Billy Ray Cyrus.

If you’ll recall a lyric in “Old Town Road” that reads, “Cowboy hat from Gucci, Wrangler on my booty,” it seems like a total slam dunk for both the storied denim brand and Lil Nas X to collaborate on some actual Wranglers–and that’s exactly what they did.

Wrangler released a clothing collaboration with the pop sensation this week, and as you probably could have guessed, a lot of denim-wearing Country fans were absolutely furious.

Consumers took to the brand’s Instagram page to share just how angry they were, saying that they’d be boycotting Wrangler over the partnership–a pretty over-dramatic reaction to a pair of jeans that you literally do not have to buy, look at, or even think about.

Like we mentioned just a couple paragraphs ago, there’s really no explanation for the anger surrounding this collaboration other than racism. Let’s take a look at some of the comments people left on Wrangler’s IG after discovering their brand new collection with Lil Nas X.

One user commented, “And this is how you lose customers” following it up with another that reads, “@wrangler went from cowboys to rappers”

A very upset fan wrote, “If you have any sense, you’ll stop production and burn what’s left. Or go ahead and join Levi’s on the list of jeans not to buy. I don’t buy anything made by Levi’s after the gun control stance. I’ll stop buying Wranglers just as quick as this nonsense.”

And a personal favorite, “This makes me not want to buy wrangler jeans anymore tbh, the cowboy spirit is nothing to be made fun of.”

Please, Wrangler….ANYTHING but the cowboy spirit!!!!

Luckily for Wrangler (and any of us with some hope for humanity) a lot of people are purchasing their first pair of Wranglers in support of them diversifying their brand collaborations. The comments about being a new fan of the denim brand now seemingly outweigh the angry reviews, so it looks like they made the right decision.


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