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During the quarantine with hair and nail shops closed indefinitely, many sistas are finding themselves in a serious beauty pickle. Jada Pinkett-Smith is one of them.

Late last week, the actress posted on Instagram that she needed soma advice on how to take off her acrylic nails, sans the acetone.

“The nail struggle is realllllllll!,” she captioned in a video she posted.

Showing her nails to the camera, Jada asks her followers, “Do you see this?”

Adding, “I don’t have any acetone in this house to soak off these nails. Now, I was worried about paper towels and toilet paper, food. Not acetone. I’m upset because of these little swamp things.”

Pointing to her left pinkie, “This one! So if any of you have any suggestions on how I can get these nails off since I don’t have any acetone up in here. Can you please sound off below? Thank you.”

Ha! Take a look:


Sound off they did.

Mama Tina Knowles-Lawson offered up a tip: “I just cut the short so they would not hurt.”

One user suggested, “Floss or floss sticks. place it at the base of the nail wiggle it between your nail and the fake one and it should pop right off.”

Meanwhile, actress Kyla Pratt is taking notes: “Lmao me last night.”

This isn’t the first time Jada has talked about nails during the pandemic. As we previously wrote, a few weeks ago, and with those same nails she is rocking now, the Red Table Talk co-host gave some important tips on sanitizing your nails during handwashing.

“We have to make sure we wash the top surface and the bottom surface of our nails for 20-30 seconds,” she says in a demonstrative video.

Tip 1: “Not only do we need to dry our hands, we need to dry our nails.”

Tip 2: “With hand sanitizer, don’t just sanitize your hands, you have to make sure we sanitize our nails– on top and underneath on each finger on each hand.”

We hear you sis!

BEAUTIES: What’s your advice for Jada on how she can remove her nails without acetone?


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