A neighborhood in Long Island New York gathered around their favorite UPS driver to celebrate his 13 years with the company. UPS driver Gregory Watkins Sr. was extremely surprised as he was met with a round of applause and baring gifts to show their appreciation for working through the pandemic.


Not only has he been apart of the company for 13 years but has been safely delivering all the packages to the neighborhood with a smile on his face!

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(Long Island, NY): After 13 years working as a UPS driver, Gregory Watkins Sr., was surprised by this neighborhood with a celebration and gifts after working through the pandemic—for always going above and beyond- whether it’s taking out the trash for an elderly person or delivering medicine. MORE IN STORIES! #### Después de 13 años de trabajar para UPS, Gregori Watkins Sr., fue sorprendido por este vecindario con una celebración y regalos con agradecimiento por su dedicación durante la pandemia – aparte de entregar paquetes también sacaba la basura para ancianos y les traía sus medicamentos. Felicitaciones! Mas en mis stories! Video credit: Christine Grazia

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