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First comes love, then comes marriage? Not to TI and Tiny’s daughter Zonnique.

As we have seen earlier this week Zonnique announced on her new Talk Show “The Mix,” that she and rapper boyfriend Izzy are having a baby girl! Congratulations are definitely in order for the two; she surprised everyone with this amazing news, including her pops T.I.P.

What really came as a surprise to many is when asked in a interview if she ever would want to get married she felt that at her age, 24, marriage “is an even bigger commitment than a baby.” Fans had a lot to say about her comment on marriage and the overall mentality of the younger generation.

Zonnique has always been a very smart and headstrong young girl, so we know her comments come with great reason, but fans have a lot to say about this generations mindset on having children before getting married. Some fans even began to assume that her parents marital issues played a part in Zonnique’s outlook on marriage.

Luckily, she hasn’t ruled out marriage completely. Zonnique says marriage is definitely still an option and her boyfriend is even more inclined to get married than she is. Either way, first time mom, Zonnique is going to bless the world with a beautiful mini-me and we cant wait!


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