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The 1996 cult classic The Craft is getting a follow-up film 24 years later. Blumhouse’s stand-alone sequel follows an eclectic band of teenage witches (Lily, Tabby, Frankie, and Lourdes played by Cailee Spaeny, Lovie Simone, Gideon Adlon, and Zoey Luna) as they learn to navigate high school with their newfound powers.

While there are subtle nods to the original movie, director and screenwriter Zoe Lister-Jones’ 2020 take removes some of the most iconic elements of the first film — no catholic school girl outfits or seriously dark magic. Each witch is associated with an element (air, earth, fire, water) which is reflected in their bright and sparkly clothing and makeup.

According to the cast, these changes were made in hopes of driving home a totally new message. “In the original the girls all turned on each other … this one’s not about that. It’s about women coming together to fight the greater evils out in the world — the patriarchy,” Spaeny told HelloBeautiful’s Sade Spence.

In the original movie, Rachel True’s Rochelle faced racism and negative comments about her “nappy” on the regular. Lovie Simone’s Tabby rocks an all natural do and moves through the film without feeling burdened by her race, rather, that is merely one aspect of who the young witch is.

“With this [The] Craft we kinda got to see the lifestyle of the Black girl without it being so traumatizing in the sense that you see every bad thing she has to deal with in regards to racism,” explains Simone. “I like that Tabby was also grounded in herself and didn’t let it affect her and become her identity. I like the fact that you got to see in her world without that being her identity. You got to see her outside of being a Black girl. She was that cool witch!”

With that being said, you won’t see any teenage racists losing their hair in this film. The film also includes a transgender LatinX witch, making this second-run much more diverse. Lourdes, played by trans actor Zoey Luna, shared the same sentiment about her character.

“I loved how [Lister-Jones] incorporated my identity into the film in funny and positive ways instead of going too deep into the sadistic parts of being a trans person,” said Luna.

The brighter and more positive sequel, which Gideon Adlon describes as a fun “movie for teen girls” begins streaming on VOD on Oct. 28.


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