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Donell Jones

Source: Kenya Sheat / Radio One Digital

After a seven year hiatus from making music, Donell Jones is making his way back to the spotlight with his latest single “Karma”. 

As you know Donell Jones for many of his hit singles from Knock Me off My Feet, You Know That I Love You, and  You Know What’s Up featuring the late Lisa Left Eye, It’s safe to assume the song that’s on all of our playlist til this day is the classic hit Where I Wanna Be.

As Donell and I reminisced on what made the the 90’s music era so classic, he revealed that it’s the art of story telling and actually living out what he was singing about that made Where I Wanna Be, timeless.

Let’s admit I don’t care how old you become we’ve all had that period in time where we weren’t quite sure about certain relationships or second guessed. moments in that relationship.

Well with life changes comes elevation and Donell Jones is singing a different tune these days as he reflects on his journey. Going from uncertain to being in a space discovering and knowing ones self be on the lookout for his his 7th album entitled 100% Free, inspiring everyone to live 100% free in there truth.

Of course he couldn’t title the project 100% Free, without making it 100% free, which will be available soon on

Get in tuned on this conversation as the living legend, Donell Jones, dishes out relationship advice and talks about his experiences from his early stages in his career  and how it has shaped him into the man he has become today.