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Last week, we kicked off the Quarantine Awards with celebrities and influencers who won this inevitable lockdown. Aside from those who made a huge impact in quarantine, there are a number of businesses that racked in the money catering to the needs of its consumers spending more time at home surfing the Internet and purchasing countless items they may or may not have needed.

1. Amazon

Amazon is one of the leading online retailers and their influence only grew during throughout the quarantine. Its’ online marketplace features anything you might need from your next read to a weighted blanket to keep you cozy at night. The plus is that the company is insanely fast with features like Amazon prime, you might order something and have it at your door the same day. It’s no question that Amazon is dominating, but quarantine has only made their CEO Jeff Bezos even richer with customers at home buying things for the hell of it. Be honest: how many Amazon packages have you ripped open since the beginning of quarantine?

2. TikTok

This lockdown came unexpectedly, and it is the first time in many moons when people across the globe share in a global health crisis such as this. People were in desperate need of a bit of joy and entertainment. TikTok was already a fun platform for the younger generation to post short video content similar to the previous short-form content platform — Vine. In quarantine, TikTok naturally grew as more people discovered new ways to connect on the app and it welcomed a new demographic of influencers who were slightly older. New creators were more eager to create with newfound time on their hands. TikTok’s impact pushed other platforms like Instagram to compete by releasing their own versions imitating the platform’s addicting approach to short-form video.

3. Zoom

Many companies stopped meeting in the office as soon as safe at home orders were put in place making it more difficult to connect and work across teams. Zoom is another company that already existed prior to quarantine, but one that proved to be more of a necessity as the days grew longer at home and major companies like Google and Twitter announced they would not return to the office until Summer/Fall 2021. Businesses quickly restructured the way their employees would meet and most companies opted for Zoom to virtually meet and present ideas to their teams. Zoom stock boomed during this lockdown and it looks like companies will continue using the app into next year.

4. Clubhouse

A new platform that has benefitted greatly from this quarantine is none other than Clubhouse. An app that encourages connection and conversation, which people craved spending countless hours alone at home. The platform started in the tech space and grew at a rapid pace when introduced to a few influential people in music and entertainment. Now, the invite-only app has reached millions of people globally, and the Internet can’t stop talking about it. Artists like 21 Savage and notable creators like Bruce W. Smith, who created The Proud Family, hosts rooms with thousands in attendance. It’s pretty much like one huge conference call welcoming conversations on an array of topics and networking with people you may have otherwise never connected with.

5. Twitch

This platform was once only huge in the gaming world, but since the quarantine it has expanded its’ reach to those in entertainment and music. More specifically, Twitch has provided a platform for DJs who lost their jobs during this pandemic. It gives streamers the option to live stream, chat and entertain millions while getting paid as they grow their audiences. Twitch’s algorithm is built with growth in mind. It has easily become an even bigger name in tech as a leading streaming platform.

6. Food Delivery Services

Food delivery services certainly garnered in millions during this quarantine as people were fearful of leaving their homes. Instacart, Uber Eats, Postmates and Doordash are a few of the companies offering food and essential items conveniently delivered to your doorstep. Surely, consumers nationwide used every discount code possible and would still be embarrassed to share how much was spent on food delivery services alone. It’s okay. We won’t judge you. This year has been difficult, and you deserve.

7. Telfar

The brand had been around since 2005, but its presence increased greatly in quarantine. Black creators shared their photos posed in the signature mini, medium and large Telfar bags. The bags grew to be so popular they still sell out in minutes to the day. Not sure who we can accredit the success of the brand to, but it is long overdue. Since this year brought about substantial loss and grief caused by both the pandemic and growing cases of police brutality and violence, Black and Brown people began urging others to buy Black. Telfar was amongst one of the brands listed on every directory for Black businesses.

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8. Grounded

An online plant shop emerged in quarantine helping shape the way people connected plant care to mental health. Being home with loved ones or all alone has been a constant battle for people, so having a new business like Grounded deliver plants to your door was something consumers didn’t know they needed. The business found great success in opening during the  pandemic so much that they have already expanded to house their thousands of orders. The growing company has partnered with an AR technology company, R&B sensation Ari Lennox and Nordstrom.

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These are a few of the companies that will take home the first and prayerfully last Quarantine Award. The brands and companies listed saw a consumer need and provided services to conveniently fulfill those needs. Congrats to these companies for the success accrued this year! Comment a company or brand you feel is deserving of a Quarantine Award.

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