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Nowadays, people are so quick to annotate shit.

Millennials have the classic live-in-the-moment mentality: nothing is just “funny” anymore. Now, things are the “funniest thing you’ll ever see.”

So, rapper 50 Cent threw an absolutely awful first pitch before last night’s New York Mets vs. Pittsburgh Pirates game. The second the clip hit the ‘Net, people labeled it as “the worst ceremonial first pitch of all time.”

Hell, we’re guilty. We wrote about it this morning and that’s what we labeled the post.

And while the pitch — which sailed all the way to the right as quick as a spaceship — is bad, it’s not nearly the worst of all time.

No. There is a long, long list of horrible ceremonial first pitches courtesy of some of your favorite celebrities.

We did the heavy lifting and found out 15 of the worst ones.

Scroll down and have yourself a good laugh.

15. Hero Cat

We’ll go easy on the “hero cat.” Everyone knows dogs >>> cats when it comes to first pitches.

14. Shawn Johnson

Yeah, we’ll give Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson a 2 for this terrible pitch in 2010.

13. Barack Obama

Come on, BO, how are you supposed to protect this country if you can’t even throw a first pitch?

12. Charlie Brown

Should have tried kicking a football instead.

11. Nick Young

To be fair, Swaggy P was probably distracted. Too much Iggy on the brain. 

10. Bruce the Robot

Turns out drones can’t do it all. Look at that.

9. The Kardashians

This was pre-KimYe, obvi. Yeezy would never allow this.

8. John Wall

John Wall pitches as good as he used to Dougie. Meaning, not good at all, folks, not good at all.

7. Carl Lewis

We swear Carl Lewis used to just be trolling in all forms of life. All forms.  

6. Tiffany Hwang

You’re probably not too familiar with Tiffany Hwang. It’s OK. You don’t really need to be. Just watch how terrible she throws and LOL.

5. Jessica Jung

You read number six? Rinse. Repeat.

4. Carly Rae Jespen

What do Carly Rae Jepsen and 50 Cent have in common? Well, both threw horrible first pitches and both had more than one hit. Wait, that’s not correct…

3. Joan Steinbrenner

All respects to the late George Steinbrenner, but his wife was a terrible pitcher. She had that Carl Pavano arm.

2. Mark Mallory

This pitch is the exact reason why Mark Mallory isn’t mayor of Cincinnati anymore. It was a clear deal breaker for Cinci residents.

1. Mariah Carey

Yep. Mariah Carey has the worst first pitch of all time. Best part of this video: her hopping on the field in high heels. (Side note: Mariah was also part of the worst movie of all time: Glitter)


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