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Twitter hosted a @MyFabolousLife roast where everybody and their mama joined in on the fun. It was all fun and games for rapper Fabolous until Bow Wow came through with a few low blows of his own. Ever since then, Fabolous declared a Twiiter funeral for Bow Wow.

You tell us who won. Here are the tweets coming from @BowWow614:

The dental institution of america #thanksfab for being the poster child for there new braces. “Have a Fabolous Smile”

#thanksfab for all ya wack ass jokes. they was boring jus like 1 of your on stage performances

I don’t kno wats worst, #fabsteeth or the ending of losos way the movie

#sorrybowwow for fab wasting time on twitter. no sweat. i put da dental bkground up on my pg 4 a reminder.

#fabsteeth bit Mike Tyson’s ear off!

when fab retires from rap, he cud always work for corona. im sure they could use #fabsteeth as bk up jus incase the bottle openers r broke.

u think if i had #fabsteeth tyra wudda kissed me?

Here are the tweets coming from @MyFabolousLife:

#iheardbowwow got his own line of onezees coming out

#iheardbowwow is the new toy u get in a McDonalds Happy Meal!

#iheardbowwow is refunding every person who actually paid to see Roll Bounce

#sorrybowwow Ur the child star of hip hop.. Ure like Webster, Gary Coleman..

#sorrybowwow I hav 2 inform u, u hav no more fans.. They’re all @souljaboytellem ’s now..

#sorrybowwow I’ll never let a bi%&ch LIL BoW WoW Me! Cuz imma Hood Nigga!!

#sorrybowwow you can’t retire after u sell 30 thousand in ur 1st week.. Take ur brick like a man, lil ni$#a!

#sorrybowwow ,its not you..its me.. (Ciara’s last words to Bow Wow)

So… who won this one?