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Brandon Quintin Adams, mostly known for his in the first two Mighty Ducks movies, was an amazing childhood actor who many thought would be a star in Hollywood for years to come. But, what ever happened to Brandon Quintin Adams?

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The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

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Where Are They Now: ‘Sandlot’ And ‘Mighty Ducks’ Actor Brandon Quinton Adams

Brandon’s acting career started off with a bang and before the age of 11 he was on track for stardom. He starred in Micheal Jackson’s Moonwalker movie and stole the entire show mimicking MJ’s most signature dance moves. He would also appear in Will Smith’s Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and eventually earn a leading role in  Wes Craven’s  “The People Under the Stairs.”  From 1988 to 1994 Brandon Quintin Adams was one of the biggest black childhood actors in hollywood. He played in dozens of movies as well as television shows, but after the 90’s things started to slow down for Brandon.

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In 2002, Brandon’s best friend Merlin Santana was shot and killed in a parked car. Brandon was in the car when their vehicle was sprayed with shotgun shells. According to authorities, they we’re set up by a woman who was angry at Santana he wasn’t interested in pursuing a relationship with her

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Merlin Santana’s death had a huge impact on Brandon and he never returned to acting in the same capacity.