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If there’s one thing we’ve learned after coming out of the worst of the pandemic, it’s that it’s beyond time to start practicing cleanliness a bit more out here!

We’re sure you’ll be hitting up more than a few share of cookouts this Fourth of July weekend, and we got a little help from comedian Marvin Hunter on the key tips to follow in order to not get yourself kicked out the kickback.


So, just to run down the list real quick, here’s an abridged version of Hunter’s do’s and don’ts:

— No more coughing…also, no sneezing, wheezing and/or throat-clearing will be permitted.

— Hold your nose and, if possible, just let it come out the other end *shrugs*

— You literally only have one chance to clear your throat — that’s it!

— Children under 10 aren’t allowed to make their own plate. It’s just way too unsanitary, fam.

— Choking or have to cough? Welp, you might just have to take that one to the grave… literally!

— Big momma should retire the cooking duties for good. For everyone’s benefit.

Obviously this is all in a facetious tone — all jokes, people! — but maybe Marvin Hunter can make the delivery sound a bit more comedic below:

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