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According to Lamar Odom’s baby mama, she has been the mother and father to her children for the last three years.

Liza Morales says that Lamar Odom came up to New York to spend some quality time with his two children Destiny and Lamar Jr right before Christmas, but his new wife didn’t accompany him.

“For the last three years I have been both a mother and a father to my kids,” Morales said.

“I attend all of my children’s after school activities and spend countless hours of quality time with my children helping them become well-rounded human beings with self respect. My kids mean everything to me and no matter how busy my life may get in 2010 I will continue to be the parent that has always been there for them.”

“I also have some TV offers in the works but I want to keep those secret until I chose which one to do,” revealed Morales.

Sounds to us like Liza is throwing silent jabs at the Odoms. We must say Khloe doesn’t seem very interested in being a step parent to Lamar’s children. While she’s attention whoring and making claims of pregnancy she should take care of the two children in her life that already exist.

On a sidenote, Liza is Morales is re-launching her organic children’s clothing line RS Baby and will be introducing the new Spring/Fall line at clothing conventions in Las Vegas this month and then in New York in March. The line was a hit with Hollywood moms like Milla Jovovich and Naomi Watts when it first launched.