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The 2Pac murder investigation rabbit hole continues to get deeper and deeper. The late, great rapper’s brother Mopreme says that Diddy told him he didn’t have anything to do with the infamous murder.


TMZ is reporting that the 2Pac’s stepbrother recently spoke to The Art of Dialogue. During the interview he discussed a variety of topics related to his legendary sibling. As expected the host Art asked the former Thug Life group member about that fateful night of September 7, 1996. He went on to make a reveal that quickly went viral. The “Feels Good” rapper says that Diddy once called him to personally tell him he had nothing to do with 2Pac’s death. “The boy Puffy called me, though,” Mopreme said. “Puffy called me back in the day. He was like, ‘I just want you to know I ain’t have nothing to do with your brother’s [murder]. I know who you are, but we never met. I just want to call you man to man and let you know that I ain’t have nothing to do with your brother’s death.’”

He went on to explain that while he thought it was a noble gesture he still was seeking answers. “I told him I appreciate the call, but the truth has yet to come out, so we gon’ see,” he added. “Back then, I wanted all the information I could get. I heard what he said, but this s**t been so chaotic. Ain’t know which way to go until you found out more information. He could have been trying to cover his a**, or he could have been sincere.”

As spotted at Vibe Magazine 50 Cent has continued his attacks on Diddy. Once again he has pointed the finger of guilt at the Bad Boy Entertainment mogul as per Keffe D’s story that Puffy offered a Crip set money to kill 2Pac. In an Instagram post he shared a clip of a Keffe D interview from The Art Of Dialogue where the Compton native claims that Diddy could have showed him and crew more love. “LMAO 😆Brother Love, show some love. Damn should have just sent this fool a few dollars.” the caption read.

You can view Mopreme’s interview below.

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