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Mixtapes: Paranormal Activity, DatPiff and Cortez

Headliner: Soulja Boy Tell’em

Co-Starring: DJ Woogie and DJ Neptune (Paranormal Activity), DJ Holiday (DatPiff) and DJ Whoo Kid and DJ Scream (Cortez)

Soulja Boy is taking a page out of homie Gucci Mane’s handbook and putting out three mixtapes at once — he’s letting them thangs fly on Halloween. Utilizing the skills of five different DJs, Soulja said the tapes will feature three different varieties of his music.

“I wanted to have more music out and I wanted to have three different styles on three different tapes,” he explained. “DatPiff, I’m just going in on all the beats. Holiday sent me a whole lot of jacked beats and said, ‘Lets go in on whatever’s hot,’ you feel me? Zaytoven sent me 10 beats. I used, like, three. The other one [Cortez] is just how I am in the game right now and [has] all the features I did. Me and Gucci are doing all types of features together like the joint I did, Teairra Marí’s new single, ‘Sponsor,’ then there’s one with Sean Garrett called ‘Throw Money’ and, of course, the ‘LOL :-)’ joint with Trey Songz. And I have the ‘Gucci Bandana’ joint — all the features I recently did. The Paranormal Activity sh–, that’s really the Halloween mixtape: dark beats that’s gonna keep you vibing.”

For the latter, Soulja said he wanted to make his musical project “better” than the hit movie.

“I actually went to the movies to see it,” he said of the thriller. “But why I really wanted to drop one with that title was because it was like, ‘I’mma make this one better than the movie.’ The movie was straight, but I was on Twitter and the movie has been a trending topic on Twitter for, like, a month straight. Plus it’s Halloween-themed — it’s dropping on Halloween.

“Cortez is the beginning of a series,” he added. “That’s my middle name. If you go on the Web, they got my middle name listed as Ramon all over the Web sites. I don’t know why. That’s the beginning of a series — I might put out three or four more after I dropped that one.”

DatPiff is a tip of the hat to the highly regarded mixtape site, where all three mixtapes will be available for download.