Listen to Maria More every weekday at 10:35am for your Midday Motivation. Holding on to resentment doesn’t hurt the other person, it only hurts you.

If you ever feel wronged by someone, no matter what…do your BEST to release any resentment you may have towards them. This is not just for the person you hurt you, but for yourself. If you understand the Law of Attraction, you know that “like attracts like.” When you love others, you receive love in return…(that love may not be from the person who hurt you, but your “karma” will provide balance in your life to bring you love in another form). Conversely, when you are vengeful, resentful, hurt or vindictive, the energy you ATTRACT will correspond with how you treat others.

There is a powerful quote that explains this to a tee:

“Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.”

Always focus upon the things and emotions that you WANT to attract in your life. No good can come from wanting harm done to another person. Choose your words and thoughts wisely.

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