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Beanie Sigel says he’s still not getting the reply from Jay-Z that he wants. On Tuesday, the Broad Street Bully appeared on Philadelphia radio station Power 99 as a surprise guest during 50 Cent’s interview. The two hinted that Beanie and the G-Unit would be aligning sometime in the future. More overt, however, was the suggestion that Beans would be calling Jay out in public more often.

“He is a crumb. I’m gonna put my foot on his neck until he responds,” Beans said as the segment came to a wrap. Beans added that he’s ready for a lyrical tangle with his once-close clique member and that he would relish a retort from Jiggaman for the “What You Talkin About (Average Cat)” song.

“Please make a record,” Beans yelled on-air. “A week’s been out, dog. I’m not taking nothing from Jay as an artist. He ain’t no walk in the park as an artist. All I’m saying is I don’t gotta jog to keep up to him.”

During the interview, Beanie also addressed Jay’s recent comments that he did a lot for Sigel, who Jay noted had a record deal and a record label and drove two Bentleys at one point. Sigel said that the label and the cars were earned and that Jay didn’t give him anything.

“I think he has good intentions, Jay, but he’s using a traditional business corporate model,” 50 said calmly. “I think the only place he really went wrong was when he said ‘La Familia,’ like ‘we family.’ ”

50 added that a few years back, he wanted to offer Beanie at least $800,000 to come to the G-Unit upon his release from prison but that Jay had blocked the deal.

“I said it makes sense right now, I could sell this right now, I could get him out and go right away with the actual music,” 50 recalled about the deal that never materialized.

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