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Weezy F. Baby wasn’t the only rapper talkin’ sex to OZONE, “No Longer Lil” Bow Wow put all his cards on the table for their sex issue, including how he believes women should be pure, but it’s in male’s nature to be a damn dog.

The first part of the interview that grabbed our attention was Bow Wow’s breakdown of how women “should be.” Which, funny enough was preceded by him acknowledging that sometimes women aren’t so pure after all, and how much fun that can be.

Since you were very young when you started out in the business, have you kinda gotten over the appeal of the groupies and the models?

I was exposed to a lot of things at an early age. There’s always moments where I don’t feel like being with a chick, because I know I’m going to be a laughingstock if I try to get too serious with her. There’s probably another rapper or ballplayer she’s kickin’ it with. So, I do get tired of it, but some days I might just want to get a couple of girls around and we’re all just kickin’ it with no strings attached and no feelings. Sometimes you want to have girls around for that. So I’m half and half with it. Some days I don’t want to be bothered with [groupies], and some days I want some fun girls around.

You mentioned earlier that you wouldn’t want to date a girl who’s kickin’ it with another ballplayer or rapper. Why do you think there’s still such a double standard between men and women?

A woman is supposed to be pure. That’s what makes a woman a woman. A woman is supposed to cherish her body. Guys are like, we’re the dog. We’re the inner beast; the lion. I’m not saying it’s cool, but there’s a difference between men and women. It’s been that way forever. A woman is supposed to be pure and respect her body. As guys, we’re dogs. Dogs are messy and dirty. Dogs sniff themselves. That’s just what dogs do. I guess it’s a stereotype that we’ll never be able to get away from. There are some things that women can get away with that guys can’t get away with. So I think there will always be a double standard.

Way to send mixed messages Shad! So some days you like a little slore around to keep you busy, but generally “A WOMAN SHOULD BE PURE AND RESPECT HER BODY”???

And apparently he can overlook his beliefs if the young “lady” in question makes him happy:

You were rumored to have a little thing with Superhead. She even hinted that she was pregnant with your child. If you already know a woman has been with a lot of other men, is that a turn-on or a turn-off?

If you’re the type of person that listens to what other people say, and if that dictates your personal life, than you probably wouldn’t deal with that kind of woman. But if you’re the type of person who doesn’t care as long as you’re happy, you can block that out. A lot of people are probably just hating because they want her but they can’t get her. To me, it really doesn’t matter. No matter what girl you get with, she’s been touched before. Even if she’s a virgin I’m sure she’s kissed another guy or done something before. That’s just how the game goes. You have to suck it up and go with your gut. If you feel it, then you’ve got to block it out and forget what everybody else is thinking. To me, [her history] really doesn’t matter as long as I’m happy. As long as she’s good, I’m good, as long as she ain’t done no stupid shit before us. But if she was with another celebrity and it was a high profile [relationship] and then she ends up with me, it’s all good. I’m not trippin’ about the previous dude at all. It is what it is. You’re not going to find a girl who has not been touched before. So you’ve just got to live with that.

Are we going to read about you in Superhead’s book number five or six?

Nah, I doubt if you’ll find me in there at all. All of those rumors were false. You know the internet is crazy because when people put stuff out there, everybody believes it regardless of where it came from.

And here we go with the mixed messages again. Apparently, if Bow Wow likes a slore enough, he can block it out. We’re confused about his involvement with Superhead though. Because if all those rumors are false — which slore was he chopping down?

Oh, and older women, you’re in luck. Bow Weezy loves the cougars — just be clear that after sex he expects you to clean his room and cook him a meal before he finishes his shower. SMH

Being a young celeb, have you had a lot of cougars come at you?

I love older women. As a young man, that’s the best feeling. Women always say men mature way later than women, so it’s nothing like talking to an older woman because it makes you feel mature. It makes you feel like you’re doing something. On top of that, a lot of guys come from a background where we don’t have a father, so we’re mama’s boys. There’s nothing like having an older woman who knows everything. That’s like your girl, your mom. After sex they might clean up and cook and do all the things that the young girl isn’t even thinking about. The young girl, y’all might do y’all thing, and you get in the shower and come out and your room is still fucked up. An older woman might get in the shower with you, bathe you, beat you out of the shower, and clean your room up. When you walk out it’s clean and you’re like, “Damn!” She’s in the laundry room washing your clothes already. It’s just on another level. I don’t mind cougars. I love them.

This interview was a doozy… We didn’t even get to the part about how he doesn’t like girls to move when he’s chopping them down, he thinks anyone over 33 is a Grandma and oh, that if you mess with him you have to surrender your camera and cellphone to his security, because he’s not trying to fu*k up his “brand”! SMH! At least now that he’s let this pure business out of the bag we understand why he’s so obsessed with Angela Simmons.

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