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Alycia Allgood and her daughter, Asia, are also facing foreclosure. For years, Alycia says she did everything right. When Asia was a child, she worked full time while going back to school to earn a master’s degree, which helped her land a good job.

Alycia saved up and bought her first home. “This is the first thing I was able to do on my own,” she says. “The proudest moment was sitting at that table for hours at a time signing my life away, and bringing my child here at 1 [year old] and giving her somewhere to grow up.”

Then, like millions of Americans, Alycia says she lost her job when her company downsized. Since then, she’s gone through her savings and fallen eight months behind on her mortgage. “Things have gotten very tough for me and Asia,” she says. “Being a single parent, it’s making it much harder taking away her home, her safe haven, because this is the only home she knows.”