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Barring a holiday miracle, Gucci Mane will spend his album-release date — December 8 — in jail. He was sentenced to 12 months  in jail last week for probation violation. Still, his camp said his spirits are high, and his lawyer notes that with extremely good behavior, he could be home in as little as two months, if a judge sees fit.

Gucc’s friends in the A say that even with the jail time, his popularity won’t die down.

“Gucci is the hottest rapper out,” producer Zaytoven said. “Hopefully this is only a minor setback. Knowing Gucci, he always bounces back.”

“You can’t hold down a man like Gucci for long,” Shawty Lo added. “His situation is unfortunate, but he’ll be back on top in a few.”

“I think for the moment, it’s unfortunate, given the fact he’s moving with a lot of features and has an album coming up,” DJ Scream said. “But he has a genuine fanbase. His fanbase is so strong, he’ll be able to come out and resume business as usual. I think it’s messed up for right now that his album is coming out, but he’s somebody the streets need. He’s somebody that feeds the streets with a lot of mixtapes and songs.”

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