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There always seem to be some sort of Drama that goes down during Reality TV reunion shows, and the Basketball Wives Reunion was no different. According to sources, the Reunion show was taped this past weekend in Los Angeles and cast member Suzie Ketcham was whisked away in handcuffs.

The drama started when the “groupie” known as “Plastic Surgery” aka Sandra Lopez showed up on the set as a surprise guest. As you may remember, Suzie and Sandra had a run in earlier in the season and Suzie threw water in Sandra’s face.

When Sandra showed up on the set, Suzie stormed off angry, but later returned with a bucket of water. She then threw it on Sandra who tried to run but slipped and took a nasty fall in the process. She was treated on set by paramedics who escorted her away on a stretcher. Suzie was arrested by police who took her away for questioning. The last words heard from Sandra was “Call My Lawyer.”