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Diddy Speaks with Tim Westwood on Lil Kim going off in a recent interview calling Drake a P***y for coming at her. We have script of the whole thing, also Diddy goes on the Tim Westwood show to speak on the whole Lil Kim situation.

Lil Kim Interview

I really liked Drake. I use to like him but for him to have the audacity to disrespect me. This n*gga gonna f***ing shout me out when Ray J is the one that said it. How b*tchy do you look right now. You look like a straight p***y, P***y! Cause you came at me and I am a f***ing female!

Diddy on Tim Westwood

I want to say I love Lil Kim man and I’m sorry that she’s mad. I never would have thought by me working with another artist that she would take it the wrong way but if she’s taking it the wrong way, it ain’t meant like that. Nicki has never did anything to her. She ain’t never not pay her homage. She ain’t swagger jack and say nothing negative about her. I think Kim needs to understand that Nicki as a whole, it’s always been respect. Nicki isn’t trying to be her. We still riding with Nicki and we still riding with Kim. We love and respect the days in history that we’ve had with Lil Kim but Kim is going to be an emcee. When emcees come back out, they talk crazy and do what they do but at the end of the day everyone respects Kim for being the Queen B.

That love ain’t going to never change, no matter what she say or feel. I’m always going to remember the good times and I’m not going to make any apologies for working with Nicki Minaj. Especially for someone that has never said anything negative about Lil Kim and who has always, in my eyes, paid homage to Lil Kim. She’s a different emcee. They don’t even talk about the same thing. What Kim has talked about and what Nicki has talked about, they don’t talk about the same things. Anybody that comes after Kim, or me, or Jay or whatever, people get inspired. It’s nothing wrong with her being inspired as long as she takes that inspiration and carves out her own lane. If we do ever manage her, we’ll make sure she carves out that own lane.

Nicki is Nicki, and Kim is Kim. Case closed. We’ll see how far that gets. When you go in that lane, that don’t never win.

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