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Diddy recently discussed his views on marriage and why marriage isn’t for him. Personally, I think marriage is GREAT!! But hey, maybe I’m biased (lol!) Keep reading to see what Diddy had to say…What advice would you give him? Do you agree with his point of view?

“Marriage, for me, is something that I see differently than a lot of people. Based on what I see out here, I don’t see it as a commitment.

“I don’t know a lot of people that are married (who) are happy. Ninety per cent of the people that I speak to, that are married, are miserable. Ninety per cent of the men I know that are married, they are not really as committed.

“Also, in my background, I never grew up seeing that – my mother never had a man around us. My father was killed when I was three. So, just based on the way what I was accustomed to, I wasn’t well-versed in that.”

SOURCE: Rhymes with Snitch

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