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<strong>Keyshia Cole's</strong> mama is always up to somethang. This is too funny! I am so glad my mama ain't off the chain. Tell me what you think. <!--more-->

Did <strong>Kanye West</strong> dump his muse <strong>Amber Rose</strong>? Are her days of living in the spotlight over? What do you think? Were you growing tired of seeing her anyway?<!--more-->

R&B diva <strong>Beyoncé</strong> will be hitting fans with a pair of major releases and a <strong>TV special</strong> just in time for the holiday season. First up is the November 23 release of <strong>"I Am ... Yours: An Intimate Performance at Wynn Las Vegas,</strong> a two-disc live CD/DVD compilation recorded earlier this year at the hotel/casino.<!--more-->

Check out <strong>50 Cent's</strong> new video, <strong>"Baby By Me</strong> featuring <strong>Ne-Yo</strong> and <strong>Kelly Rowland.</strong> <!--more-->

The late, great <strong>Michael Jackson's</strong> new movie, <strong>"This Is It,"</strong> hit theaters this past weekend and raked in a lot of money. So much so that <strong>Sony</strong> has announced the concert movie, originally billed as a two-week only event will stay in theaters through <strong>Thanksgiving</strong> weekend!<!--more-->

The number of <strong>global swine flu deaths</strong> spiked by 700 in a week, the World Health Organisation said Friday, as <strong>Ukraine</strong> closed schools and cinemas in the toughest measures taken in Europe over the virus.<!--more-->

Check out the <strong>Relationship "Buzz" of the Week: 3 Reasons Why Men Struggle with Love.</strong> <!--more-->

Check out <strong>Jazzy McBee's "Buzz in the Streetz."</strong> We recently reported that <strong>Beanie Sigel's</strong> got beef with <strong>Jay-Z.</strong> But Jay Hova has come back with a response. Find out what he had to say. <!--more-->

I don't know what <strong>Aubrey O 'Day</strong> was thinking when she posted this picture of one of her friends dressed as <strong>Kanye West</strong>!!! <!--more-->

<strong>Rihanna</strong> will appear on <strong>ABC's "Good Morning America"</strong> and <strong>"20/20"</strong> this week. Click here for the promo.<!--more-->

<strong>Alec Baldwin</strong> and <strong>Kim Basinger's</strong> little girl Ireland gets a <strong>Lil Wayne</strong> birthday cake. LOL! I have my opinon on the cake, but what do you think? <!--more-->

A limited number of <strong>50 Cent’s "Before I Self Destruct"</strong> albums, which will arrives in stores <strong>November 23rd</strong>, will include a <strong>bonus DVD</strong> of the same title. Check out the <strong>official movie trailer</strong> right now! <!--more-->