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Former <strong>drug kingpin "Freeway" Ricky Ross</strong> has teamed with Emmy Award winning actor and writer <strong>Nick Cassavetes</strong>, who will help produce and write a screenplay based on Ross’ life.<!--more-->

<strong>Joblessness</strong> for 16-to-24-year-old <strong>black men</strong> has reached <strong>Great Depression</strong> proportions -- 34.5 percent in October, more than three times the rate for the general U.S. population.<!--more-->

R&B group <strong>Day 26</strong> has announced its departure from <strong>Bad Boy Records</strong>, although the band says they are still close to <strong>Sean "Diddy" Combs</strong>.<!--more-->

The <strong>daughters</strong> of rappers <strong>T.I.</strong> and <strong>Lil Wayne</strong> have formed a musical group called the <strong>OMG Girlz</strong>.<!--more-->

<strong>Beanie Sigel</strong> doesn't appear to be letting up in his verbal assault against <strong>Jay-Z</strong>. The Philly MC recently performed with <strong>50 Cent</strong> in <strong>New York City</strong>.<!--more-->

Soul singer and Oscar winner <strong>Jennifer Hudson</strong> will perform at the <strong>White House state dinner</strong> Tuesday night, a representative at her label, <strong>Arista Records</strong>, says.<!--more-->

Do you think <strong>Blanket</strong> is <strong>Michael Jackson's</strong> biological son? Check out the pics and decide for yourself.<!--more-->

After <strong>taking a dive</strong> onstage last night at the <strong>American Music Awards, Jennifer Lopez</strong> is now claiming that it was all part of the show. Are you buying it?<!--more-->

<strong>Beanie Sigel</strong> is not letting up in his war of words with former mentor <strong>Jay-Z</strong>. The Philly MC just dropped a song called <strong>"How I Could Kill Jigga Man,"</strong> a reference to <strong>Cypress Hill's</strong> classic song, <strong>"How I Could Just Kill A Man."</strong><!--more-->

Last night's <strong>AMA's</strong> were star studded and <strong>Michael Jackson</strong> was a big winner! Click here to see the super <strong>performances</strong> by <strong>Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Janet Jackson</strong> and more!<!--more-->

A woman accused of cutting in line at a <strong>Wal-Mart</strong>, shoving merchandise and assaulting police officers will plead guilty to disturbing the peace and resisting arrest, both <strong>misdemeanors</strong>.<!--more-->

Check out <strong>winter's "Buzzin" Boot trend</strong>. These boots are HOT!!! <!--more-->