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Rumor has it that pop superstar <strong>Rihanna</strong> has a new man. Apparently the singer is <strong>dating</strong> actor <strong>Tristan Wilds</strong> from <strong>"90210," "The Wire"</strong> and <strong>Jay-Z's "Roc Boys"</strong> video.<!--more-->

R&B singer <strong>Nivea</strong> and rapper <strong>Lil Wayne</strong> celebrated the <strong>birth</strong> of their <strong>son</strong> over the weekend, according to reports.<!--more-->

Some of the hottest <strong>rappers</strong> on the <strong>charts</strong> are also <strong>felons</strong>. We take a look at the bad boys and girls of hip-hop.<!--more-->

The actual reason for <strong>Allen Iverson’s</strong> suspension and expulsion, as of yesterday, is because he was yelling at the <strong>coach</strong> during a bus ride home from <strong>L.A.</strong><!--more-->

Check out <strong>Alicia Key's</strong> new video, <strong>"Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart."</strong> The song is from her forthcoming album, <strong>"The Element of Freedom,"</strong> due in stores on <strong>December 15</strong>.<!--more-->

With <strong>unemployment</strong> among <strong>blacks</strong> at <strong>more than 15 percent</strong>, the <strong>NAACP</strong> has joined several other groups to call on <strong>President Obama</strong> to do more to create jobs.<!--more-->

<strong>Producer/Director QD3</strong> gives us a sneak peek into the recording habits of <strong>Lil Wayne</strong> with this clip from <strong>"The Carter" documentary</strong>.<!--more-->

<strong>50 Cent</strong> does not play fair. Over the weekend 50 flew <strong>Rick Ross' baby's mother Tia</strong> and his <strong>son</strong> to <strong>Floyd Mayweather's</strong> house in <strong>Las Vegas</strong> to watch the big fight over the weekend. What do you think about this?<!--more-->

Check out <strong>Nas</strong> and <strong>Kelis'</strong> little bundle of joy. I hope they can work it out for his sake.<!--more-->

<strong>Janet Jackson</strong> is speaking out about her <strong>brother Michael's death</strong>, blaming <strong>Dr. Conrad Murray</strong>, whom she says should no longer be allowed to practice medicine.<!--more-->

<strong>New York City cops</strong> breaking up a <strong>brawl</strong> at a <strong>Brooklyn club</strong> this past weekend wounded one man -- and then shot and killed a <strong>bouncer</strong> who once served as a <strong>bodyguard</strong> for the likes of <strong>Jay-Z, Mariah Carey</strong> and <strong>P. Diddy</strong>. <!--more-->

<strong>Usher</strong> was set to release his next album, <strong>Raymond Vs Raymond</strong>, in early <strong>2010</strong>, but since the single <strong>"Papers"</strong> has everyone buzzing, he won't keep fans waiting much longer.<!--more-->