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Entertainment News

Via MadameNoire When one of her followers went in her comments and blamed her wearing makeup for men’s perverted behavior, T.I’s daughter Deyjah Harris came him an earful about his sexist comment. Under a slideshow of pictures of the 17-year-old on Instagram, a male follower commented “Females like this is why n–gas go to jail. […]

Kevin Hart sat with Ellen DeGeneres on this Friday’s show to talk about his decision to step down from the Academy awards after some of his past homophobic tweets resurfaced. Kevin Hart decided to step down after he expressed that he apologized after the tweets in the past and refused to do so in the […]

R. Kelly has a had a LONG DAY! This morning his interview with Gayle King premiered on CBS This morning as he broke his silence on his alleged sex abuse charges. The singer denied having sex with underage girls, and rejected that the idea that he was holding any women against their will. Here’s a […]

In case you missed the Vitamin Of The day on the Quick Silva Show… The Vitamin was “Will it be Easy, No…Will It Be Worth It…YES!” You have to realize that your journey to success WILL NOT be easy. Nothing that’s worth having is an easy journey. Quick silva says that you have to get […]

It’s real out here in the sea world and one octopus let it be known that you have to know how to avoid the sharks. Learn what it means to be resourceful below, as this octopus uses sea shells to leave a shark empty and confused when they’re looking for a meal. https://twitter.com/BBCEarth/status/934877222195924997 Surely we […]

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