Some of you out there weren't trying to hear Tiger Woods' apology this morning, so Robin Thicke gave him some help in getting his message out. Peep the "Sex Therapy (Tiger Woods remix)" right here!

It's no secret that one of the main criticisms hurled at Southern rappers is that they are lacking in wordplay. Well So Icey rapper Waka Flocka Flame didn't do much to change this argument. In a recent interview with G-Unit's DJ Whoo-Kid, the Atlanta rapper actually admitted that he has nothing to do with "lyrics."


Check out this brand new remix of Waka Flocka Flame's "O Let's Do It," featuring Diddy, Rick Ross and Gucci Mane! Let us know what you think!

So Icey rapper Waka Flocka Flame has broken his silence about being shot on Tuesday. Flocka called the Durtty Boyz' ET and J-Nicks and gave his account of exactly what went down on Old National Highway. Click here to listen to the interview!

Jay-Z was on the Ed Lover show in New York City and discussed the recent diss track Beanie Sigel recorded that was aimed at Jay. He's also joined in the studio by Young Jeezy and Trey Songz. The trio talk about liking up and comers like Drake, Jay Electronica and Lupe Fiasco. Click here to listen.

According to an interview with MTV, Lloyd Banks' laywer, Patrick Ducharme, says that the G-Unit rapper will be home today. "There has been an agreement between the prosecution and defense for his release," said the lawyer.


The "I Invented Sex (Remix)" is here featuring Miss Keri Baby, Usher and a new verse from Trey Songz. Usher promises to introduce you to the mile high, Keri’s making your body woozy and Trey Songz is moonlighting as a plumber laying the pipe down.

Tiger Woods has a hit on his hands! "Name Off Your Phone"! Tell us what you think!

I got a call in LIVE while comedian KATT WILLIAMS was getting arrested in Newnan. Here is the play by play and what happened. WSB-TV is reporting that Williams was arrested this time over a bond issue, but he is reportedly out on bail already. Stay tuned as this story develops. C'mon KATT!

Audio from an alleged <strong>Tiger Woods recorded voice mail</strong> has been released. He pleaded for his <strong>secret lover</strong> to make changes to her personal voice mail because his <strong>wife</strong> was going through his <strong>phone</strong>.<!--more-->

The so-called <strong>"other woman"</strong> who supposedly sparked <strong>Tiger Woods's accident</strong> has hired a high-profile celebrity lawyer and issued an adamant <strong>denial</strong> about any relationship with the golfing champ. Click here to read details and to hear the <strong>911 call</strong> made after the crash.<!--more-->

<strong>Beanie Sigel</strong> is not letting up in his war of words with former mentor <strong>Jay-Z</strong>. The Philly MC just dropped a song called <strong>"How I Could Kill Jigga Man,"</strong> a reference to <strong>Cypress Hill's</strong> classic song, <strong>"How I Could Just Kill A Man."</strong><!--more-->