So we are back once again to introduce another On The Rise artist, that makes us say #WeWantRenni. Renni Rucci is a Carolina Native who we caught wind of from scrolling on the gram. Typically a lot of female rappers get overlooked because its hard to match up with some of the existing acts […]

Of course, we run into several new artists on a regular. This new artist, however, hails from the streets of L.A. Jevon Doe delivers a new single that features Atlanta’s own Yummy Pearl. Stream the full song below.

Stuey Rock aka J Nicks from our very own Durtty Boyz has been quietly working on his own personal music as well as acquiring some notable talent himself. He recently signed known DJ turned artist by the name of 1Playy who we will give you details about very soon. But today we are here to […]

We really hope you’ve been enjoying Coca Vango’s new Motivational Purposes Only album as much as we have since it dropped 3 weeks ago. And if you still haven’t checked it out, use the release of this new video for “I Can’t Wait” as a good starting point. Watch the Izze The Producer produced song below.  

Here’s a gallery of some of the most promising new talent coming straight out of the 404. Check their Instagram pages to see how they cultivate the culture.

Alabama native, TTO K.T. just released a new music video for “Loving It” which will appear on his upcoming EP, ‘Vibes’. ‘Vibes’ is set to release sometime this month and will feature verses from rising artists Trippie Red Betty Idol.

In Atlanta, GA we find TTOKT, sleeping in a small room where he’s been for a few days because in the next room he’s recording some of the hardest music he’s recorded to date. Recently he released the first single off of his upcoming project ‘vibes’ titled “Loving It” produced by Prezzley P. Stream the full […]

Atlanta Rapper Snypa Releases ‘Learning 2 Love’ Hosted by DJ Norfcak, DJ Tomcruise, & DJ BlackBillGates, with executive production by Kid808, NotusBeatz, & SloMeezy. Learning 2 Love sounds like Snypa is taking a step back from the trap to acknowledge the lack of love in his life, with songs like Whine, & I know, the serenades in his voice […]

#CoversAndConvo talks with Rhyon Brown about her new album “Pretty Girl”and some of her philanthropy work around the country. She then serenades us with a beautiful cover of Adele. Check out the video below… She also did a dope Music SoulChild cover over a quick beat box!    

Compton,CA native, Forest, has recently released his latest offering, “Black Buddha” online. The emcee with the smooth voice and tone delivers a melodic vibe creator as he finds amazing balance between the two worlds without question. As the California rapper raps about never stressing and counting his blessings, his delivery and cadence pull listeners in […]

Hailing from Ontario, Toronto Canada. On the rise brings to you Konfiident, Nigerian born Toronto raised, Kon didn’t always know that music would be his passion, but come to find out that after making some moves and the right connections that he just very well could take his career in music serious. We had a […]

Klondike Blonde was born in Raleigh, NC and raised in the bay area of California. She has always had a passion for music, writing songs and poetry since elementary school, although It was not well known, as she was stuck behind the scenes. Klondike says that she had a strict, foreign born mother who thought she was […]