Next To Burn

Source: Radio One / Radio One Digital

Atlanta’s #1 hip hop station, home to Hip Hop culture’s most influential programming department, and we wanna know, Who’s next to burn!!! Just upload your music, and get real feedback from members of the Hot 107.9  Programming Department, as well Hip Hop curators, all of the city of Atlanta.
This time we’ve teamed up with The Durtty Boyz, to bring you one of the best prizes in Next To Burn history. 

Submit for your chance at 6 hours studio time at “The Cookup FDU Studios,”

An Interview with the Durtty Boyz


2 Tickets to the A3C Music Conference




Our winning curator will win $100 American Express Gift Card, plus 2 tickets to Chance The Rapper: Big Day Tour at State Farm Arena, Tuesday, October 15th