Check out <strong>Lil Wayne</strong> on <strong>Maury</strong> for a <strong>paternity test (cartoon parody)</strong>. This is too funny.<!--more-->

Here's <strong>Chris Brown's new video "Crawl."</strong> Leave your comments and let me know what you think. <!--more-->

Peep this controversial <strong>video</strong> from <strong>Rihanna, "Russian Roulette."</strong> <!--more-->

Check out <strong>Gucci Mane's</strong> new video, <strong>"Worst Enemy."</strong> <!--more-->

When <strong>Falcons head coach Mike Smith</strong> flew to quarterback <strong>Matt Ryan's</strong> defense after a late hit in <strong>Sunday's game</strong> against the <strong>Washington Washington Football Team</strong>, it further endeared the <strong>fan base</strong> to the second-year coach. So now that Smith faces a <strong>$15,000 fine</strong> from the league for his actions, fans are flying to his aid. <!--more-->

A publicist for <strong>Mike Tyson</strong> said the former boxing champ was merely defending his <strong>wife</strong> and <strong>10-month-old child</strong> after an <strong>altercation</strong> with an overaggressive <strong>photographer</strong> at LAX on Wednesday.<!--more-->

<strong>Gucci Mane's</strong> manager <strong>Debra Antney</strong> called into the <strong>Hot 107.9</strong> studios last night for an <strong>exclusive</strong> interview with the <strong>Durtty Boyz</strong>. See what she had to say about the rapper's <strong>incarceration</strong>. <!--more-->

This week, <strong>B.G.</strong> saw his friend <strong>Lil Boosie</strong> sent to <strong>jail</strong> after violating probation on a gun charge. His former <strong>Hot Boys</strong> bandmate <strong>Lil Wayne</strong> is expected to be sentenced to a year in prison for <strong>gun possession</strong> too. And last week, B.G. himself was charged with illegal gun possession in <strong>New Orleans</strong>. <!--more-->

<strong>Lil Kim</strong> has released a <strong>statement</strong> addressing claims that she pocketed <strong>$20,000</strong> and then refused to fulfill six concert obligations in <strong>London</strong> for <strong>Abstrakt Visions Entertainment</strong>. <!--more-->

Listen to <strong>Maria More</strong> every weekday at 10:35am for your <strong>Midday Motivation</strong>. Today’s <strong>quote</strong> is: "The secret of happiness is not in doing what one likes, but in liking what one does." <!--more-->

Just days after his release from the <strong>Coweta County Jail</strong>, comedian <strong>Katt Williams</strong> says he has been <strong>kicked out</strong> the posh <strong>Four Seasons Hotel</strong> in <strong>Midtown</strong>. <!--more-->

<strong>Gucci Mane</strong> was sentenced to 12 months in <strong>prison</strong> today (November 12) for <strong>probation violation</strong> and taken away to prison in handcuffs, according to a rep from his label. <!--more-->