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Last week Donna and Tatti’s “beef” continued, there was some drama at the shop between the two crews, and Ceaser took Ted’s bad relationship advice and suggested he and Suzette take a break. This week, they hope some team building can solve their problems… it won’t.

The Trouble With Donna

The episode opens with Tatti complaining to Puma and Ted about Donna, which is hilarious because it’s all her fault that she is in Atlanta annoying everyone in the first place. Ceaser eventually walks into the shop, and Tatti breaks down the situation with Donna explaining that she can’t properly do her job because Donna wants to fight her all the time, and she does not listen.

After listening to Tatti, Ceaser has a conversation with Puma and Ted about their growing Donna problem.

Puma reveals to Ceaser that Donna and her non-tattooing fake “entrepreneurial self ” aren’t the only issues in the shop. He tells the tattoo shop mogul about the looming tension growing between the New York and Atlanta crews, which surprises Ceaser. Puma then suggests that they should do some company team building to nip the issue in the bud, and he has the perfect spot where they can all go.

That sounds like a good idea. But, if you’re an avid watcher of Black Ink Crew, you know how these “team-building” exercises involving these ratchet individuals never really work out the way they hope they do.

Things got very interesting when the gang gathered together after partaking in some outdoor fun to have a group discussion to air out their grievances. Immediately, things do not go as planned. Ink Daddy (we really can’t stand this guy’s name) apologizes to Krystal after Rok presses him. Unfortunately, Krystal’s annoying self doesn’t accept it. Things between Donna and Tatti don’t get any better either.

Donna claims that Ceaser gave her permission to sell her CBD juice, hair, and do henna tattoos. Ceaser said no such thing and vehemently disagreed with her. Donna then begins to flex like she wants to fight, causing the producers to come out and have a conversation telling her to relax and not put her hands on Tatti. They tell her there are other ways to solve a problem, trying to convince the cast they are all intelligent enough to solve their issues without choosing violence.

Donna is still irritated and claims every company “team-building” trip always ends up the same way, she’s not wrong either, but she definitely didn’t help the situation.

Ceaser Keeps It Real With Donna

Ceaser decides to give Donna one more shot. He tells her that he supports all of her business ventures. Donna mentions she now has a fashion line in the works and wants to use the shop for a fashion show and photoshoot. Ceaser says tells her no, leading to another fallout with Donna.

Donna then claims that she put in a lot of work at Black Ink (yeah, right) and deserves more respect from Ceaser and the others because she feels she has been there from day one. At this point, Ceaser is no longer being nice about the situation and keeps it all the way real, with Donna telling her she was not with the crew since the beginning and that the only thing she deserves credit for is being the worst tattoo artist in Black Ink history.


Donna responds by saying that Ceaser is not even the best tattoo artist in his shops, but that doesn’t bother him because he tells her he owns the shops. Donna and Alex cut the convo short and walk away.

Back at the mansion, Teddy and Alex discuss Donna, and he reveals that “Big Momma” is not okay mentally and has been under a lot of stress lately. The next morning the crew realizes that it’s tranquil in the crib, and that’s because both Alex and Donna have left the house.


Other notable Black Ink Crew moments include:

Teddy’s “wife” is in Atlanta. He’s hiding her from the crew, of course, because he ain’t sh*t.

Rok and Krystal are back in a good space and decided to get their names tattooed on each other. Definitely following in the footsteps of other failed Black Ink relationships.

Young Bae experienced Asian hate while in Atlanta. She revealed someone left her note telling her to go back to China, and she is on edge after several Asian women were killed in a string of shootings at local spas not too far from where she and Niko are staying. She FaceTime’s her mom to express that she is scared after telling her what happened and wish her a happy birthday.

You can peep reactions to the episode in the gallery below.

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