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Last week on Black Ink Crew: New York, Ceaser made some significant changes in the shop promoting, demoting and firing some folks after his painting was stolen. Sky said she wished she swallowed her son, Dessalines, and later doubled-down on her statements. Last night we learned more about that situation with Black Ink’s former head of HR and more.

This week’s episode immediately picks up where last week’s episode ended with Ceaser revealing to the remaining crew that people got hurt as a result of Sky’s actions. We further learn that the fight between herself and her son, Dess, was even worse than we thought. Producers for the show decided because of the incident Sky will be suspended until further notice Ceaser revealed. Everyone is upset but hopes that the suspension will help Sky get back on the right track.


Moving on, Ceaser gets invited to Councilman Robert E. Cornegy Jr.’s big announcement dinner at Brooklyn Chop House.  Cornegy was instrumental in helping Ceaser expand his empire to Brooklyn, and now he is running for Brooklyn Borough President and enlists Ceaser to help win the upcoming election. We learn that Ceaser has never voted a day in his adult life because you know he felt his vote didn’t matter and didn’t trust politicians, the typical spiel, but now he’s inspired to do so by Councilman Cornegy.

Moving on, Tati, Bae, and Donna decide to have a much-needed girls night out because being demoted was just so much for them. While drinking and talking about their sex lives and wondering if and when Bae is going to get her cheeks clapped again, something weird begins to take shape. Tati reveals she is done with men and has her sights set on being with a woman…Donna, to be exact. Bae notices something isn’t right before the topic changes to Kitty and Ryan.

They all feel Miss Kitty has been fake for years, Tati then takes things even further and claims that Kitty told her that Ryan’s manhood is tiny and all the women laugh.

They get back to partying, and things get real frisky between Donna and Tati as Bae watches in confusion.

We head back to the shop, and the new manager, Walt, is implementing some changes already. One difference is they will all have to start wearing name tags. As you can imagine, the dysfunctional bunch thinks its all a joke. Walt then gives the shop’s new receptionist, Tati, a headset so she can carry out her duties properly, she isn’t feeling that. During her confessional, she makes it abundantly clear that she intends to ask Ceaser for her old job back.

We will just cut to chase and reveal that she wasn’t successful with Ceaser telling her she has to earn his respect back, of course, she wasn’t too thrilled to hear that and stormed off.

Okay, back to Walt, the manager doing his managerial duties, he reveals he has something for Donna as well and hands her a plastic bag. Inside the bag is a Black Ink t-shirt that has the word “apprentnice” on the front,  making fun of the fact she has some problems spelling words. Walt isn’t finished clowning her.

He then comes up with the idea to have a Black Ink spelling bee and asks Donna to spell encyclopedia, Teddy takes things even further and tells her to spell perseverance. Upset, Donna storms out of the shop because she doesn’t like being the butt of the jokes.

Ceaser eventually comes from the back and reveals he had a conversation with Sky and that she is in Miami with her friend Allison trying to get her mind right. Anyway, he changes the subject and announces that he wants to have an event in the Brooklyn shop to help people get registered to vote. The crew all thinks its a great idea, and we learn that Tati, Puma, and Teddy also have never voted. Tati, because she just never bothered to, Puma, because of his run-ins with the law discouraged him and Teddy believing his prior felony didn’t allow him to. Ceaser explains to him that this is not the case, and he can vote.

We catch back up with Donna, and she is still upset at the fact she was demoted to an apprentice. She links up with Bae to talk about it and breaks down in tears because she feels she should not have been demoted for her egregious spelling error. Someone, please tell Donna that a tattoo across a customer’s back spelled wrong is not a small mistake.

It’s officially time for the voter registration drive. The event is going well, Ceaser reveals he has made a unique tattoo design to commemorate the night. Everything is going well until Ted thinks its a good time to show him a video that was sent to him from someone in Ryan’s crew *rolls eyes*.  He believes the video was meant for Ceaser’s eyes. In the clip, we see Ryan and Kitty all booed up, and we can hear Ryan talking sh*t about Ceaser.

As you can imagine, Ceaser is pissed and decides to leave to think to himself. He can’t believe the man he claims he put on and considered a brother would do this to him. It looks like it’s going to be an all-out war between the two tattoo shop owners, and we cannot wait to see it.

Viewers definitely had some thoughts about the episode, you can peep all the reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

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