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G Herbo caught some blows online from his ex-girlfriend Ari Fletcher by way of a now-deleted Instagram post that featured some heavy accusations. In the IG post, Fletcher was angered Herbo had their son around his new lady and also dropped a megaton bomb of a claim stating Herbo allegedly has herpes.

Fletcher took to her page and essentially railed on Herbo in an angry rant that seemed fueled by the rapper sharing images of his birthday celebration with his girlfriend. Adding to the fact that she apparently warned Herbo not to have the child around his current girlfriend, the rant took it to a dark place.

In one point of the rant, Fletcher claims Herbo has herpes and that he told Fletcher that he “prayed” the disease away. She goes on to write, point blank, “f*ck yo birthday lame ass n*gga” before signing off with “ITS DRAMA.”

Back in April, Herbo was arrested in Atlanta for simple battery after Fletcher claimed that he physically assaulted her in front of their child. Herbo addressed the allegations via an Instagram Live video claiming that Fletcher stole items from his mother’s house.

There has been some chatter and reactions to Ari Fletcher’s rant on Twitter. You can also view Fletcher’s deleted post courtesy of The Shade Room’s Instagram.

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