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#NationalDogDay: 25 Rappers With Their Best Friends  was originally published on

1. Tha Doggfather

Tha Doggfather

2. Cold as ice

Cold as ice

3. Pusha Puppy

Pusha Puppy

4. Fur for all

Fur for all

5. Even Wiz knows.

Even Wiz knows.

6. ATPuppies


7. Pup and Mouse

Pup and Mouse

8. Pup daddy

Pup daddy

9. Killer Puppy

Killer Puppy

10. Chance the Dog

Chance the Dog

11. A$Ap Puppy

A$Ap Puppy

12. Why Pharrell’s happy.

Why Pharrell’s happy.

13. On a Tuesday.

On a Tuesday.

14. Pup Miller

Pup Miller

15. Rich Homie Puppy

Rich Homie Puppy

16. Slow Motion

Slow Motion

17. HAAN!


18. King of the South’s best friend.

King of the South’s best friend.

19. LOYAL #rapperswithpuppies

LOYAL #rapperswithpuppies

20. Twins.


21. Musical Therapy

Musical Therapy

22. 50-Cent

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