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Last night (April 20), the first two episodes of ESPN’s The Last Dance aired and they lived up all the hype and then some. The docuseries follows Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls as they make a run for their last championship and it was filled with enough history and basketball action to get Twitter into a frenzy.

The first episode focused on Michael Jordan—who else?—and the Bulls determination to land the UNC guard who was showing flashes of his otherwordly basketball ability. The second episode dealt with Scottie Pippen basically getting fleeced by the Bulls as one of the NBA’s most criminally underpaid stars.

With basketball fans on quarantine during the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic, the timing couldn’t be better for ESPN to release its 10-part docuseries. The 97-98 Chicago Bulls are regarded as one of the greatest teams ever, and with Air Jordan being the GOAT, and participating, the docuseries is gold on paper and very much so now that its come to fruition.

From clutch choices in music—LL Cool J as Jordan gives the Boston Celtics that work—and all types of tea spillage, Twitter couldn’t get enough of The Last Dance. And that was just the first pair of episodes.

Check out some important moments worth highlighting below.

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1. Chicago Resident Barack Obama

Barack Obama is our Forever President. Nevertheless, in The Last Dance, no. 45 (not Jordan) was relegated to the title Former Chicago Resident. 

2. It Doesn’t Count

Ron Harper and Scott Burrell were playing around on the bench during a preseason exhibition game. Michael Jordan was NOT amused bruh. 

3. Always On

Current UNC head coach Roy Williams was in awe of Jordan’s work ethic while he was a Tar Heels assistant. Roy. Williams. Do the knowledge.

4. Jerry Krause Slander

The late Jerry Krause was a great GM but man did he rub people the wrong way. So he was catching slander all night. 

5. Has there ever been a greater pro sports intro than the Chicago Bulls?

The correct answer is no. 

6. Air Jordan everything.

The kicks were crispy throughout. 

7. Record Contract Scottie

Scottie Pippen signed a 7-year deal worth $18 million, and the Bulls were not trying to renegotiate. Cue more Jerry Krause slander, but don’t blame his agents. 

8. But hey, Scottie got his…

9. Back To Jerry Krause vs. Scottie

Pip start just disrespecting Krause in front of everybody that even Phil Jackson asked him to fall back. He was getting jerked, though. 

10. 63 In Boston

Thanks to some inspiration from Danny Ainge, Jordan gave the Celtics 63 points and had Larry Bird calling him a God. Son. 

11. The Baddest

Whoever picked LL Cool J’s “I’m Bad” to be the soundtrack to the segment highlighting the aforementioned 63-point games needs a raise. 

12. Common with no finesse.

Common retold a tale of trying to finesse a Michael Jordan autograph for $5. LOL. 

13. Coke Hotel

Air Jordan recounted a story of entering a hotel room where most of the team was inside and he peeped lines of coke on one side, and women on the other. He spotted the jig, and left. 

14. Actually…

Put some damn respeck [sic] on Obama’s name.