"Buzz in the Streetz": Diddy and Cassie expecting a baby??? The proof may be in the pudding...judge for yourself.

<strong>Waka Flocka Flame's</strong> song <strong>"O Let's Do It"</strong> always gets the club rocking, but who knew <strong>babies</strong> loved Flocka too! Check out this hilarious <strong>video</strong>!<!--more-->

A search warrant has revealed that 29-year-old <strong>Mario McNeill</strong> told investigators he took <strong>Shaniya Davis</strong> last week from her home in <strong>Fayetteville, North Carolina</strong> to a hotel in nearby <strong>Sanford, North Carolina.</strong> <!--more-->

It was bound to happen eventually. <strong>Lil Kim</strong> and <strong>Nicki Minaj</strong> have recorded a <strong>track</strong> together. The two rap divas appear on <strong>Baby's "Grindin Making Money."</strong><!--more-->

I just learned that a short time ago, rapper <strong>Lil Wayne’s</strong> newest baby's mother <strong>Nivea</strong> went into <strong>labor</strong>. <!--more-->

On a recent episode of <strong>"The Mo’Nique Show</strong>, rap mogul <strong>Baby</strong> reached into his deep pockets and pulled out a <strong>watch</strong> estimated to be valued at around <strong>$150,000</strong>! <!--more-->

<strong>Birdman</strong> is really going in hard for his son <strong>Lil Wayne</strong>. Find out what he had to say about <strong>Jay Z</strong> and let me know if you agree.<!--more-->

<strong>Cash Money Records</strong> founders <strong>Bryan “Baby” Williams</strong> and <strong>Ronald “Slim” Williams</strong> have released an official statement in response to <strong>Lil Wayne's</strong> recent guilty plea to a gun charge in New York City. Click below to read the statement. <!--more-->

Can't believe that Baby would say such a thing? Check out the video and see for yourself. <!--more-->

Here’s a new video from Birdman featuring Drake titled “Money To Blow”. The video was shot in Miami along with “Forever” <!--more-->