On many ballots some candidates are NOT listed for one reason or another. Find out what candidates are running, and some general information on their beliefs and platform by doing a couple minutes of research. Trust us, it’s WORTH IT! See a sample ballot for your area by clicking ay of the links below: Click […]

A Connecticut woman is accused of assaulting her daughter during her daughter’s wedding reception in Sudbury on Sunday, authorities said. Leslie Duane, 55, of New Haven, was drunk when she slapped her newly married 36-year-old daughter in the face, prosecutor Warren Lee said today in Framingham District Court. “It (the wedding) was beautiful,” Duane told Judge […]


You’re between the ages of 18-24, life feels like its moving 100 miles a minute and you may feel like you have no place in the political system. But you do. As a matter of fact, the people you elect to public offices can have a HUGE impact on your life. Here are some things […]