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<strong>Chris Brown</strong> gets to tell his side of the story in a tell-all <strong>interview</strong>.<!--more-->

<strong>Timbaland</strong> has removed <strong>Chris Brown’s vocals</strong> from a track that will appear on his upcoming album, <strong>"Shock Value II"</strong>, which is slated to drop December 8. A spokesperson for Brown said, "It was a mutually creative decision for both."<!--more-->

Here's <strong>Chris Brown's new video "Crawl."</strong> Leave your comments and let me know what you think. <!--more-->

The video for <strong>Rihanna’s</strong> controversial song <strong>“Russian Roulette”</strong> will debut Friday night during ABC’s <strong>20/20</strong>, while <strong>Chris Brown</strong> will premiere his <strong>“Crawl”</strong> video Friday night on the <strong>"Wendy Williams Show."</strong> <!--more-->

<strong>Chris Brown</strong> sat down with <strong>Sway</strong> from MTV recently to further discuss the situation between him and <strong>Rihanna</strong>. Peep the video. <!--more-->

If you missed <strong>Rihanna's</strong> interview on <strong>"20/20"</strong>, we've got it here. Check it out. <!--more-->

As we previously reported, <strong>Rihanna</strong> finally broke her silence about the <strong>Chris Brown</strong> incident. Now here's some of part II of the interview from <strong>"Good Morning America."</strong> <!--more-->

Music star <strong>Rihanna</strong> broke her silence on <strong>"Good Morning America"</strong> today, saying she decided she had to end her relationship with former boyfriend <strong>Chris Brown</strong> after realizing the message she sent to her fans by going back to him after he assaulted her. Click below to watch the entire interview.<!--more-->

<strong>Chris Brown</strong> discusses his altercation with <strong>Rihanna</strong> and takes a hard look back on what happened that night during an upcoming MTV News special <strong>"Chris Brown: The Interview,"</strong> which airs <strong>Friday, November 6, at 6 p.m.</strong> ET/PT on MTV.<!--more-->

On Thursday, <strong>Rihanna’s</strong> first televised interview since her assault at the hands of former boyfriend <strong>Chris Brown</strong> in February will air. Excerpts of the interview were released today. Click here for details. <!--more-->

<strong>Rihanna</strong> will appear on <strong>ABC's "Good Morning America"</strong> and <strong>"20/20"</strong> this week. Click here for the promo.<!--more-->

Check out <strong>Chris Brown's</strong> first performance since his court case. He hasn't lost a single step!!! Peep the video! <!--more-->