Kat Stacks refuses to give up her slick talking ways. If you haven't figured it out already, hip-hop's groupie of the moment got dragged again by her nappy weave.

Kat Stacks has been punched, dragged, drunk, sexed, and degraded but she's still here. The hip-hop groupie released some new professional pictures of her rocking a black leather dress. Click here for the pics!

According to several sources, hip-hop groupie of the moment Kat Stacks was partying in D.C. when a fight broke out between her and Vh1's Hot Wings. Click here for details.

Hip-hop's groupie of the moment, Kat Stacks, has addressed the video that surfaced of her getting slapped at the Pearl Bistro and Bar in Atlanta.

Click here to hear an interview with the underage girl who has been causing controversy due to her pictures with Lil Wayne, and rumors and Facebook posting that she made out and/or had sex with him.