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    https://twitter.com/TheBeyHiveTeam/status/794726726614052864   With less than 96 hours to go until Election Day, and the polls running frighteningly close, Beyoncé might have just won this race for Hillary. The pop icon performed at a rally in Cleveland — in a pant suit! — and finally offered the kind of full-throated endorsement for the Democratic […]

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The Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies has released a new poll on Black voter enthusiasm with just five days left until Election Day.

First Lady Michelle Obama took some time to chat with Rickey Smiley about the current state of this nation in the midst of one crazy election year! She talks about what she and Barack Obama are looking forward to doing in the years after their time in the White House. She also discusses all of […]


This comes after FBI director James Comey penned a letter to Congress on Friday sharing that additional emails found on the personal server need to be reviewed.


Moira Smith, a lawyer from Alaska, said that she was groped by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas during a Truman Foundation dinner 17 years ago.

As Hillary Clinton and her Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kaine make their last rounds before election day, Kaine sat down for an interview with Pusha T in the swing state of Florida. Pusha has been an advocate for Clinton for a few months and those who registered to vote were given a chance to meet […]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jH6IwKXJqmM As the presidential election creeps upon us, Hillary Clinton continues to make her rounds. To celebrate her 69th birthday, the Democratic Party nominee made her second appearance on The Breakfast Club (you may remember the “hot sauce” conversation from her first appearance earlier this year), and the conversation was nothing short of entertaining. During the […]


Several African Americans who were denied housing in his buildings shared their stories in a campaign video for Hillary Clinton that was released on Tuesday.

Former Republican Secretary of State Colin Powell endorses Hillary Clinton for president. He raises questions about Donald Trump's fitness for the presidency.

President Obama says concern about a Trump presidency drives the first lady to campaign hard. Fundamental human decency is at stake in this election.

The Nov. 7 event hopes to mobilize Black youth to turn out for Clinton in the battleground state.