After months of delays and rescheduled street dates, <strong>Lil Wayne's new album</strong>, the rock-leaning <strong>"Rebirth,"</strong> finally has an official release date. Click here to find out when the album will be in stores.<!--more-->

<strong>Lil Wayne's "The Carter" documentary</strong> arrives in stores <strong>November 17</strong>. Check out the <strong>trailer</strong> here.<!--more-->

On a recent episode of <strong>"The Mo’Nique Show</strong>, rap mogul <strong>Baby</strong> reached into his deep pockets and pulled out a <strong>watch</strong> estimated to be valued at around <strong>$150,000</strong>! <!--more-->

The more <strong>Lil Wayne's</strong> rock-leaning LP <strong>"Rebirth"</strong> is delayed, the more fans wonder if the superstar rapper can really pull off the genre-switching feat he's attempting. Click below for details. <!--more-->

<strong>Birdman</strong> is really going in hard for his son <strong>Lil Wayne</strong>. Find out what he had to say about <strong>Jay Z</strong> and let me know if you agree.<!--more-->

<strong>Alec Baldwin</strong> and <strong>Kim Basinger's</strong> little girl Ireland gets a <strong>Lil Wayne</strong> birthday cake. LOL! I have my opinon on the cake, but what do you think? <!--more-->

<strong>Lil Wayne’s Young Money</strong> affiliate <strong>Drake</strong> has broken his silence about how his friend is coping with his impending jail sentence and how he’ll be holding down the fort when the boss takes leave. <!--more-->

Check out <strong>Chris Brown's</strong> new video featuring <strong>Lil Wayne</strong> and <strong>Swizz Beatz</strong> - <strong>"I Can Transform Ya"</strong><!--more-->

<strong>Cash Money Records</strong> founders <strong>Bryan “Baby” Williams</strong> and <strong>Ronald “Slim” Williams</strong> have released an official statement in response to <strong>Lil Wayne's</strong> recent guilty plea to a gun charge in New York City. Click below to read the statement. <!--more-->

Even with his guilty plea to gun charges in New York on Thursday — which is expected to bring a sentence of one year in prison — <strong>Lil Wayne's</strong> legal troubles are not quite over. The New Orleans rapper still faces a number of drug and gun charges in <strong>Arizona</strong>, where he was arrested in January by <strong>DEA</strong> agents. <!--more-->

Can't believe that Baby would say such a thing? Check out the video and see for yourself. <!--more-->

Touring the United Kingdom, Lil Wayne sat down recently with veteran U.K. hip-hop DJ Tim Westwood. Wayne and Westwood discussed a variety of issues during the interview, but most striking was Wayne's explanation of his past use of sizzurp. The New Orleans rapper told Westwood that although he no longer sips sizzurp, the drug may have contributed to his past successes. <!--more-->