monkey of the week

MONKEY OF THE WEEK  Letssss Get Ready to Rumbleeeeee: Joseline Gets That A** Beat Down At LHHATL Reunion!  Sooooo Word On The Streetz Izzzzzz the ratchetness got real at the filming of the Love & Hip Hop reunion special Tuesday night in the A!  Boys and girls the JUICE is being spilled in every direction with both sides […]

A Connecticut woman is accused of assaulting her daughter during her daughter’s wedding reception in Sudbury on Sunday, authorities said. Leslie Duane, 55, of New Haven, was drunk when she slapped her newly married 36-year-old daughter in the face, prosecutor Warren Lee said today in Framingham District Court. “It (the wedding) was beautiful,” Duane told Judge […]

This weeks Monkey Of The Week candidates are Rihanna, Teyana Taylor, Kanye West, and Laquetta Theus. Rihanna and Teyana went in on each other this week via twitter, Kanye West goes crazy again this time on Jimmy Kimmel and Michael Jordan cant win as another alleged baby mother accuses him of not providing. The Monkey Of the Week Goes to Kanye West!!!

Its Friday!!! Its time to let you know who the candidates are for Monkey Of The Week. Gucci Mane, Kanye West, and DMX are really thanking God for Friday because it has been a long week for these guys. These monkeys showed there butts this week to be candidates. Check out why they are candidates […]