A clearly ‘intoxicated’ Mariah Carey made quite a spectacle of herself while accepting the Breakthrough Actress Awards for the movie ‘Precious’ at the Palm Springs International Film Festival last night. Click here to watch the video.

In many ways, the critically acclaimed film "Precious" is about hopes and dreams. When Mo'Nique, one of the movie's stars, was growing up in Baltimore, Maryland, she too longed for something. "I've always wanted to be famous," the actress and comedian said.

Before “Precious” even hit the theaters, the movie was generating Oscar buzz. The nominations for the Golden Globes are out, and "Precious" has three nods total.

<strong>Film critics</strong> weren’t the only ones going crazy over the movie <strong>"Precious."</strong> Playing in <strong>just 18 theaters</strong>, "Precious" grossed a phenomenal <strong>$1.8 million</strong>, according to studio estimates. Read more and watch the trailer here. <!--more-->

The reviews are in and critics across the board are raving about the movie, <strong>"Precious: Based on the novel Push by Sapphire."</strong> There's even been talk about co-star <strong>Mo'Nique</strong> earning an <strong>Oscar</strong> nomination for her raw and gritty performance. Click here to watch the <strong>trailer</strong> and read a <strong>review</strong>. <!--more-->

<strong>Paula Patton</strong> opens up more than just thoughts on her new controversial role in the much anticipated film <strong>"Precious"</strong> in this exclusive <strong>"behind-the-scenes" video</strong> from <strong>Giant Magazine</strong>. Wow...she is Miss "Thicke!" <!--more-->