The Game’s “Red Nation” was banned from BET and MTV for portraying gang affiliation, but that didn’t stop the music video from hitting the Internet. After listening to the lyrics of “Red Nation” we completely understand why the video was banned from the two popular networks. It simply portrays and promotes gang affiliation/violence like being […]

Game’s newest video “Red Nation” featuring Lil Wayne won’t be getting any airtime on BET and MTV anytime soon. Game announced that the video was banned by the networks because of gang imagery. We have to say that we applaud this action taken by BET and MTV in deciding not to air a video promoting […]

Game and Lil Wayne team up for yet another ignorant and unnecessary ode to the Bloods, “Red Nation.” Surprisingly, Weezy just handles the hook, while Game handles the song’s verses. We’ll ask the question again: These guys are rich and young people follow them, so why are they still pledging allegiance to a violent, street […]